Be Prepared – Funeral Planning Guide

Old woman grieving the loss of a loved oneWhen you lose someone you love it is a devastating and heartbreaking time. It is one of those things that you never wanted to think about happening, in your mind although you knew that death is inevitable. We went through exactly that last year when my dear mother passed away.

We all like to think of our parents as immortal superheroes that we looked up to for most of our lives. We never considered the option of planning for this sad event ahead of time to be properly prepared. When the inevitable happened, we had no idea where to turn to or how to proceed.

One of the most significant gifts we can give to those we love is taking the time to help them be ready and prepared for what will eventually come. Maybe you have taken steps in that direction by generating a Trust or Will but sadly statistics show that roughly seventy percent of Australians do not have any plan, Will or Trust.

So let’s begin by saying that if you have generated a Will or trust then well done, you are definitely on the right track towards making it easier for your loved ones when you eventually pass. Although this is a step in the right direction, it is not nearly enough to helping those you leave behind as they come to terms with your dealth.

The loved ones you leave behind will not only have to deal emotionally with your loss but will also have to act fast to make sure funeral arrangements and other obligations are met. During this time frame, they have to make many important decisions and expensive financial purchases that can be extremely stressful even without the added grief.

Unfortunately, there is no way emotionally that you help your loved ones grieving your loss. You can, however, make it easier for them financially by leaving a carefully outlined plan to carry out your funeral wishes.

Funeral planningPlanning a funeral before death is becoming more and more important to those who are financially savvy. Having your funeral planned with adequate finances is a responsible and important task. Your funeral plan should include specific instructions on what kind of service you would like as well as the method of disposition. This will give your family the time they need to mourn your passing and figure out how to move on.

By planning your funeral ahead of time, you are making decisions when you are in a calm state of mind. Leaving the decision making to someone who will be emotionally upset and not be capable of making the rational decisions would trouble you. Here are some basic tips and pointers to take into consideration as you start making your funeral plans.

Talk to some funeral directors and take the time to stop by and look over multiple funeral homes. Once you have done that you will need to choose a location and funeral director where you feel your loved ones will feel the most comfortable visiting.

Take with you a few close family members may be beneficial during the process of selection.

Depending on your past work placements, you may be entitled to some benefits. If you are a combat veteran or was a member of a union, then you may qualify.

Will it be a religious ceremony?

Ask your family about their opinions. Decide whether you wish to be buried or cremated. Take into consideration casket viewing, religious beliefs, etc

You should take a look at the free funeral planning guide that is offered for free by the Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA). The AFDA have many useful resources to help you during the loss of a family member or friend. You can call then at  03 9859 9966. There’s also a handy link to funeral musicians and bands by clicking here for these.

One of the AFDA requirements is that pricing information must be provided by funeral directors over the phone, and they should have a general price list handy when you stop by in person. The AFDA also states that you are allowed to purchase the most expensive funeral item that is usually the casket, from an outside vendor and not run the risk of being charged a carrying fee. For more information on the AFDA rules, you can also visit their website which is

Should Your Pay for Funeral Expenses in Advance?

Start a funeral fund todayThe answer is yes. If it is possible for you to do so then by all means go ahead. Planning your funeral arrangements will ease the burden your family will be carrying but paying for the arrangements in advance will help even more.

Planning and arranging your funeral service is not only sound financial advice it is also becoming extremely popular. It eases the stress and pressure the ones you leave behind will be experiencing. By planning and arranging, you are assisting your family through a difficult time. What better way than that to leave a final reminder of how much you loved them and that you were always thinking of them.